it's just a feeling


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I don’t know, I have no ideas how to tell it. In the first place you don’t want to listen. I’ll miss you, I’m surely will. Emotions, happenings, words that unspoken, reasons will be surely there in no time. I’ve tried everything I can, believe me for the past months I held on so tightly but things made me realized that I am holding on the wrong pole. We could be but maybe, you’re not the wrong person to love it’s just we’re not the right person for each other. No more us, I’m sorry for what happened but thank you for the lessons and experiences. I’m happy, my decision to leave you is really a relieve for me, freedom is the right word for that. “HAPPY TRIP” as what you told me with my goodbye message and happiness is coming, coming and growing on my way to look for my happy ever after.

I’m praying for your heart and soul my dear, let’s move on and FORGIVE & FORGET EACH OTHER.